At Ja, Wol we offer different types of needle craft lessons:

Beginner courses are for beginners, obviously, but also for knitters that have paused their skills for a couple of years. You'll learn basic techniques, problem solving, understanding the materials and you'll start basic pattern reading and even designing. 

 Project lessons are for intermediate and advanced knitters. You'll learn how to read patterns and advanced techniques. You'll choose a pattern and matching yarn according to your wishes and needs. Everyone is working on a different project/ technique, this way you'll also learn from each other. Groups are small so you'll get enough attention. Choose smaller projects and learn fast or work on bigger projects and get them done! Lessons are every other week so you'll have enough time to do your 'homework' and sometimes you'll just knit during the lesson but you'll always learn something new from watching the others. In short, you'll work in your own tempo and skill level.

Private lessons are great if the days and times of the other lessons are not convenient or if you work better in a quieter setting. If you just need a reminder or a quick lesson. Talk to me about your needs and we'll work it out. Mail or call to decide on a time/date and pay through our webshop. 

Workshops are lessons aimed at a specific technique or design. A workshop takes a couple of hours or half a day. If the end project can't be finished in this time, you'll go home with the skills to finish it later. 

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