Ja, Wol is known for the luxury yarns and beautifully handmade haberdashery that’s mostly locally produced by the skilled hands of makers that find a great sense of pride in what they do. We truly believe that the passion that’s in those products will fill the air at Ja, Wol and inspire other makers.

We think it's important that people get back in touch with natural materials, that they learn about their fantastic characteristics and uses. Their beauty. We offer a selection of brands in different price ranges, there's something for everybody.

People come to Ja, Wol to learn, to buy materials but also to be part of a community that’s always warm and welcoming. There’s almost always a couple of knitters hanging out, knitting and chatting. We offer organic coffee, tea and lemonade and every saturday there's fresh scones and blondies! We love you to take your time, sit down, browse through patternbooks and just enjoy the moment. We like to think time goes a little slower at Ja, Wol.

Our yarns are either/or organic, locally produced, hand dyed, handspun, fair trade, from social projects and/or small (family) businesses but are always made from natural materials, luxurious and of high quality.